Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Live By Faith!

These words from Samuel Ward brought some warmth to my soul. I wanted to share them with you. They're taken from the great Pocket Puritan series from Banner of Truth.

"Live by faith; again I say, always live by it. Always rejoice through faith in the Lord! It is neglecting this exercise that allows your own low moods and Satan to interupt your happiness and spirtual cheerfulness and to hold you in the dumps and in gloominess. What if you have a natural inclination to melancholy? Cannot faith correct nature? Does it not have power to clear the mind of all cares, fears, and griefs? Can it not exhilarate the whole man? But what good is this faith if it is not used? It is like a soldier, with a sword at his side, not drawing his weapon when he is attacked. If a discouragement overtakes, cannot your faith say to your soul, "Why are you disturbed? Know and consider whom you believe." Would not the master rebuke the winds and the storms and bring calm to your mind again? Do not most men have something they use to counteract their discouragements, like David with his harp? Some seek refreshment in company, or wine or tobacco. They would not go far without a supply of these! But would not the least taste of faith be far better?

Great medicine for our sin sick souls! In light of a recent trial that I find myself in, I thought these words from Samuel Ward spoke volumes!

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