Friday, August 26, 2011

Why Church Matters (formerly, Stop Dating The Church)

This book was originally released in a hardcover entitled, "Stop Dating the Church" being a lover of paperbacks, I found this to be a welcomed release. Not much different here, except for some discussion questions that make this a great resource for small group discussion or for personal study. This book is a great reminder that we are to be fully committed to the body of Christ, it's not just a casual "hook-up" or fling, it's a full on commitment, one that calls us to die to ourselves and to our own wants and desires, it's all consuming. Each chapter is relatively short but packed full of great content. Take for instance the chapter on Why we Need the Local Church, "Another part of the Christian life that flourishes in community is worship. Again, this is something we can also enjoy by ourselves. We can worship anytime, anywhere, and in complete solitude. But something unique and irreplaceable happens when we worship together." What a great reminder that it's for our benefit really to gather as a collective group of believers and lift up the name of Jesus together. We gain so much from being a part of the local church. In this culture of instant gratification and low commitment levels, especially within the church. This book by Joshua Harris is a much needed wake up call and reminder that we truly need the church and we truly need to take a look at our hearts and our level of commitment to the local church. Why Church Matters would be a great book to pick up to read and re- read on a regular basis, as a reminder of just who and whose we are as believers.

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