Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Enemy Is Within

"Wake up, therefore, all of you in whose hearts is anything of the ways of God! Your enemy is not only upon you, as in the case of Samson of old (Judges 16) but is actually in you. He is at work by every kind of force and cunnings as we shall see.

If you desire not to dishonor God and His gospel, not to scandalize the saints and disgrace the ways of God, not to wound your consciences and endanger your souls, not to grieve the good and holy Spirit of God, the author of all your comforts, but rather to keep your garments undefiled, to escape the wretched temptations and pollutions of the days in which we live, to be preserved from adding to the number of apostates in these latter days-rouse yourselves to a right estimation of this cursed enemy, the source of all these and innumerable other evils, and also of the ruin of all the souls that perish in this world!"

John Owen from Indwelling Sin In Believers

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