Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jesus gave himself for our sins

My small group is currently going through the book of Galatians, what an awesome book about grace! If you struggle with thinking that your not good enough or with a salvation by works mentality..give the book of Galatians a gander, it will definitely reveal your sin and give the amazing news that it's not about us but totally about Jesus!

In Martin Luther's commentary on Galatians he writes on Jesus giving himself for our sins;

" Paul sticks to his theme. He never loses sight of the purpose of his epistle. He does not say, Who received our works, but who gave. Gave what? not gold, or silver, or paschal lambs, or an angel, but Himself. What for? Not for a crown, or a kingdom, or our goodness, but for our sins. These words are like so many thunderclaps of protest from heaven against every kind and type of self merit. Underscore these words, for they are full of comfort for sore consciences."

So again it's not about us but about Jesus and his complete work on the cross, let us never lose sight of this precious gospel!

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