Friday, October 10, 2008

God's Omnipresence

A.W. Tozer's work, The Atributes Of God Vol. 1 paints an incredible picture of God and his many inexhaustible attributes.

The Chapter that has stuck with me is on God's Omnipresence. Omnipresence means that God is all-present, close to, near to, here-in other words, everywhere!

Tozer writes, "And if you send up the furious question, "Oh God, where art thou?" the answer comes back, "I am where you are; I am here; I am next to you; I am close to everywhere."

Scripture gives us validation of this fact, "If we had Scripture and no reason, we'd still believe it"

Thankfully we have Scripture and reason to proclaim God's praise for this truth!

There is great comfort in the Omnipresence of God, if God had limits or could be contained in one place then again as Mr. Tozer states so well, " If there were any borders to God, if there were any place where God is not, then that place would mark the confines or the limits of God. And if God had limits, God could not be the infinite God. "

Tozer goes on to talk about the distance that we sometimes feel about God, "God is not far away in distance, but he seems to be because He is far away in character. He is unlike man because man has sinned and God is holy." We are alienated from God because of our sinfulness, We don't find God even though we look for him intently in other things or in good works, again Tozer puts it so well, " They don't find Him because God and man are dissimilar in their moral natures. God is in perfect holiness, man in perfect iniquity, and the two can never meet. That's why God seems so far away."

We have to start seeing our sin more seriously, it's not all the bad things that we do or think...even that thought that you just had! It's that sin is ingrained in us and we desperately need an advocate to stand in our place and to reconcile us to God. Praise his name that God didn't just meet us half way, that would mean that he compromised his nature, he went beyond half way and became one of us and took on our nature but remained God, what a mystery! what security! "The love of God is kinder than the measure of man's mind."

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