Monday, May 5, 2008

Some great new worship discs

Two new cd's have arrived this month, with so many shallow releases lately it's refreshing that the following projects have come out. The first one is Jami Smith's new release "Faith In You", opening with the title track the sound is much more organic and less polished, thanks to Waterdeep's Don Chaffer. The content as usual is honest and transparent, the one track that stood out especially was "It's Not Fair" looking to the helper and not "band-aiding" our problems and pain that we experience in this life. Less cliche's or "Christian-ese" to explain away pain and trials, how refreshing.

"Your Grace Is Sufficent" is another stand out track on this project, a plea to meditate on the objective truth and less on the subjective aspects of our relationship with our Father.

If only more congregational songs could be as transparent as "We Praise You" no superficial fluff, just an honest song to God about giving us a better attitude and a more trusting view in the midst of difficult circumstances, and just resting in the sovereignty of a huge God.

I always look forward to a release from Jami Smith, Faith in You does not disappoint, pick up this project @www.

May is always a big month for new cd's (or itune downloads for all of you under 30!) Yet another great release from Vineyard's Varietal Records their imprint label giving all of the very talented songwriters within Vineyard an outlet for their own projects. Jeremy Riddle's "Full Attention" was the first to come out on Varietal last year, a worthty purchase(subtle plug)!

Sheri Carr's "Fearless Now" is the next project release, produced by Nathan Nockels (Watermark) a noticeably more aggresive sound, not like the Dwell project or the two songs that Sheri offered on the last Vineyard compilation "Stand In Awe"

Alleluia(More than Worthy) shows up here with a bit too much production, the version on "Stand in Awe" is much better in my opinion, This version just sounds like all of the other "worship" tunes that are out at the moment.

"Into Your Arms" is a standout track on this project, starting with a shuffle rhythym building into a very catchy chorus, a plea to find rest in our daddy's arms with a perfect love that casts out fear. Carr is a very able songwriter, the past couple of Vineyard projects that she's been involved with is ample proof of that.

Overall, this is definitely one that will be repeated on my cd, ipod! :) check out both of these projects from two very talented female-singer/songwriters.

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