Monday, May 5, 2008

Outrageous Mercy

I just picked up Outrageous Mercy by WM. P. Farley. What a find this book has been, I was encouraged by the acknowledgement page alone. Farley barely passed literature and creative writing classes!

"The cross has two dimensions. It is something God has done for us, but it is a revelation of vital truths communicated to us."

The cross communiates God's love toward us in that we are unworthy, sinful humans who deserved the wrath that Jesus took upon himself for us, what sacrifical love! what mercy!(outrageous mercy) as Farley puts it. The focus on what God has done for us is usually what we focus on in viewing the cross, however Farley encourgaes us to look at the latter in what the cross says to us.

"Through what God did there for the world he was also speaking to the world. Just as human beings disclose their character in their actions, so God has shown himself to us in the death of his Son."-John Stott, The Cross Of Christ

I'm looking forward to delving deeper into Outrageous Mercy and discovering more about the power of the cross(1 Cor. 1:18)

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