Sunday, November 28, 2010

Knowing God

I have been contemplating the fact of knowing God lately, not that it's a new thought but it's one that has consumed me here as of late. It has brought to mind thoughts of J.I. Packer's masterful work "Knowing God" a book that if you haven't read, you really need to pick it up and take a swim in the deep end of the pool, it is probably one of the most formative books that I have read regarding the knowledge of God.

Psalm 103:7 says that "He made known His ways to Moses, his acts to the people of Israel." I want to be like Moses and the people of Israel, and not just know what it is that God does, I am not content with just knowing His acts but I long to know His ways. In other words I want to truly experience God and not just have a head full of knowledge about Him.

The great thing about getting to know God is that as Romans 11:33 says "Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgements and how inscrutable His ways!" I will never exhaust the knowledge of who God is, even in eternity there will be no end to discovering who this awesome God is and experiencing Him fully and wonderfully.

It's when the seeking out of who He is and what He has done for us through Christ that the growth in my Christian life stops, Hosea 4:6 says that 'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you...' God wants us to know Him, He has done everything in initiating a relationship with us. I believe that it's through His word and through great doctrinally sound books that God speaks to us through His Holy Spirit.

Don't just take my word for it, seek Him out for yourself and ask Him to open your eyes to see and to know more of who He is. And if you don't have that desire, ask Him for that as well. He wants us to know the taste of just how good He truly is!

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