Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grace-Who Needs It?

I absolutely love Jerry Bridges, his practical way of communicating the gospel has impacted my life tremendously. I recently read Transforming Grace, a great read and one that would benefit you greatly in your relationship with the Lord.

Each chapter is filled with the gospel and how to apply it to your life. The one chapter that I really enjoyed was, Grace-Who Needs It? (I do desperately!!) In this chapter Jerry shows a biblical view of God's grace towards us and how we view it more as a system of currency, we do good things then God will be favorable towards us, we do bad and we experience God's displeasure. Mr. Bridges does an excellent job of dismantling that fallacy by quoting Isaiah 55:1. We come as bankrupt and empty sinners to the fountain of living water and receive a bounty of sustenance; " The gospel is addressed to those who have no money or good works." He points out very nicely that this verse is addressed to those who have no money not to those who do not have enough.

The chapter ends with a quote from Abraham Booth;

"For divine grace disdains to be assisted in the performance of that work which peculiarly belongs to itself, by the poor, imperfect performances of men. Attempts to complete what grace begins, betray our pride and offend the Lord, but cannot promote our spiritual interest. Let the reader therefore, carefully remember that grace is either absolutely free, or it is not at all, and that he who professes to look for salvation by grace, either believes in his heart to be saved entirely by it, or he acts inconsistently in affairs of the greatest importance."

If you long to grow in your relationship with the Lord, pick up a copy of Transforming Grace. While you're at it get The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges as well, both books will benefit your soul greatly.

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