Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Lord Was With Him

I keep coming across Joseph in my Bible, "The Lord was with him", even in the most devastating of circumstances God was with Joseph. And He took care of Joseph, interestingly it was Joseph's responses to his circumstances that God allowed that revealed what was inside of his heart. From being sold as a slave by his own brother's to being falsely accused of rape by Potipher's wife to ending up in jail for no apparent reason. He could have easily responded with bitterness and anger but he was more concerned with how the Lord would be represented, he didn't want to bring God's name to disgrace.
I think about my life in contrast with Joseph's, I am not even close when it comes to responding the right way to life's circumstances. I get angry, I struggle with bitterness and regret, what this screams from my heart is unbelief! "I don't truly trust you God!" When really every circumstance that comes into my life, good and bad, have been filtered through God's sovereign hands.
The Lord is more interested in my response to my circumstances, because ultimately He's more concerned with my heart condition and holiness than He is with whether or not I find myself comfortable. He can be trusted and like Joseph, if you are a child of the Father, He is with you no matter what circumstances you may find yourself in today, and that truly is great news!

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