Friday, May 1, 2009


May 1st. Just doesn't seem possible that we're almost half way through another year! Where does the time go?
It's storming today, first real spring thunderstorm. There's something about storms that make you feel incredibly small, there's also something about them that makes you feel hopeful. I don't know if It's hope for the coming clearing or if it's the cleansed feeling that comes in the air after the storm has passed, the air just seems fresher afterward.
Perhaps we should look at the storms that assail our lives in the same way, knowing that the one who stills the wind and the water waves can do the same thing for the storms in our lives (Luke 8:24) When the storms do come..and they will. They drive us closer to the arms of our Father, more so than when things are calm. Sometimes I wonder if the storms come for that very reason, orchestrated by the all knowing, all powerful sovereign hand of our God. Knowing that we can't help but cry out for Him because He hears us and promises to be with us no matter what we may face. (Deut 31:6)

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Joe said...

Good thoughts...I always find the story at the end of Mark 4 somewhat amusing, especially since I'm prone to foolishly asking the same questions myself - while the storm is raging, the disciples ask, "Teacher, don't you care if we drown?"

Why do we continually wonder about this and ask these kinds of questions when time and again God delivers us from these storms ?