Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Am A Wanderer Who Is Loved !

Unbelief, it was the Israelite's problem and it's my problem as well. All of the other sins in my life will stem from the root problem of unbelief in my life.
Psalm 106 paints a vivid picture of the desert wanderings of Moses and the Israelite s that eerily mirror much of what my life resembles, especially when it comes to valuing other things higher than God in my life...otherwise known as idolatry.
John Calvin stated so well that our hearts are 'idol factories", my affections are so easily drawn away from the one true lover of my very soul, the one who knows me better than I even know myself.
What I find so incredibly encouraging about Psalm 106 is that each and every time the israelites rebelled, yes God's anger was kindled but it says that nevertheless, He looked upon their distress when He heard their cry. For their sake He remembered His covenant, and relented according to the abundance of His steadfast love."
Wow! So while yes, God's anger was stirred. He had an abundance of steadfast love! God's love outweighed their rebellious wanderings, and the very same is true for us today! God's abundant steadfast love outweighs the rebellious sin that is in us. That is truly good news for this rebellious wanderer! Praise His name!


Beth in NC said...

Hi Ron, I just came home from a short trip and I discovered you were following my blog. Thanks so much! It is always nice to meet a brother in Christ.

Your post here is so true. Our hearts are so prone to wonder, but HALLELUJAH -- God's love and mercy are greater than we can fathom. He is faithful when we aren't.

Have a blessed Saturday!

Ron Reffett said...

Hey Beth,
No problem on the follow, thanks for checking out my blog as well.

I am so very thankful for God's love and mercy. It truly is greater than we can even imagine.
I hope that your weekend is shaping up nicely, hopefully you have some nice weather to enjoy.
Nice to meet another sister in Christ.