Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Cross Has Said It All

The cross has said it all, there is nothing left to do, it is finished! Jesus willingly went to the cross, He chose to go there in total obedience to His Father and to fulfill the types and promises of the Old Testament scriptures that spoke of Him.
Jesus came intentionally to die, to be the passover lamb, our scape goat on whom our iniquities were to be laid. What is so amazing about the arrest of Jesus and journey to the cross is His incredible restraint of His power. At anytime He could have unleashed an amazing amount of power, enough to obliterate His captors, yet He only chided them for being cowards (Matt 26:55-56) He willingly gave Himself into their hands.
I am so very thankful that Jesus took my punishment and absorbed the wrath of God that rightfully was mine to take. I am so prone to sin, yet Jesus became sin for me that I might become the righteousness of God. I have nothing but sin to offer, but in Christ I have a brand new standing with God the Father! Thank you Jesus, thank you for the cross that you bore. May we keep ever so near the cross, never to forget that God glorifying work that was accomplished there.

There are two great resources for keeping near the cross. The first is Nancy Guthrie's "Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross" it's a group of devotional writings from people like CH Spurgeon, D Martin Lloyd Jones and Ligon Duncan and CJ Mahaney, among many others. It's available for a mere $10 over at www.desiringgod.org
The other great resource is "The Cross He Bore" by Fredrick S. Leahy. It takes you more through the journey to the cross. It is a very powerful little book, there are times when I have been reading it that I actually feel as if I'm there in the place with Christ. It would be a very soul nourishing resource for this Easter season. Check out Monergism books for this one. They were sold out but are expecting them from the UK soon.

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