Friday, February 20, 2009

God's Mercies Are New Every Morning!

Battling Unbelief is a great book, it's a more condensed version of another great book Future Grace. If you get the chance to read either of these, it would be a great encouragement to your soul. The DVD sessions are also a great compliment to these two works by John Piper, all of these resources are available at

This video is an excerpt from the session entitled Don't Be Anxious. Great stuff, especially in these uncertain times.


Anonymous said...

Ron, I have been praying for you. thanks for your comments on the blazing center. it was ecnouraging to hear "God never allows things in our lives that don’t first pass through His loving hands." That's something that I've been learning lately, though its been through many ways I would not choose. I'm sure you can say the same. But i'm so glad through it all that God really is loving. What a comfort that is. Thanks for the reminder!

Ron Reffett said...

Hey Emily!
I really appreciate the prayers.
I'm glad that you found some encouragement, that's the whole reason that I shared that there. I want what I have been through and am going through to point people to Christ, I know that there is a redemptive reason for all of the stuff that I have experienced in my life and I want Him to get the glory for that.
I'll continue to pray for you as well, thanks so much for your encouraging words.