Saturday, December 27, 2008

Total Satisfaction

I'm still going through Sam Storm's wonderful work, "Pleasures Evermore." I came across a very profound thought this evening reading the chapter "Feasting On God" it's all about worship and what it truly means to worship God. The thought was that so many times we approach God as if we have something to give Him, as if He lacks anything.
We should come to worship to receive, now before you get up in arms and tell me how, "worship is not about you, it's about God"....You're absolutely right! We have absolutely nothing to give to God, nothing! We have nothing that He needs, We are the ones who are in need. Praise is or should be our response to what God has done for us and our response to who He has revealed Himself to be to us through His word.
In Psalm 63:4-5, David expresses praise to God because of who God is and because God is the one who has satisfied David's soul and David praises His God with "joyful lips!" We come before God impoverished, we come before the one who owns everything and has need of absolutely nothing. The best way that we can bring glory to God is by enjoying Him forever, by drinking until we're full from the abundance of His house and from the river of His delights. (Psalm 36:8)
God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in Him!

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