Saturday, November 15, 2008

In Christ

In Christ, two words that pack a wealth of meaning. It's such a mystery that everything that Christ has done, by union with Him I have done as well! (Gal.2:20) I'm dead, but I've been made alive "In Christ" (Eph2:1-6) I'm even seated with Christ in heavenly places!

I'm told in (Eph2:8) how this wonderful news is possible, "by grace, through faith". It's nothing that I have done to earn this love, it's simply God's sovereign grace!

God's word seems to make huge truth known through two small words, "In Christ" "by grace" "but God" all of these are key to my salvation. It's nothing that I have done, I bring absolutely nothing to the table but my brokenness and sin. What Christ brings is everything! most importantly is He brings Himself and not only unites with me but He communes with me, Scripture paints a very personal and intimate picture of this (John 15:4-5)

All of this takes place through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit, who is the line binding me to Christ and communicating Christ to me. What an awesome truth! Nothing but my brokenness and sin do I bring, desperately to Christ do I cling!!

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