Thursday, October 30, 2008

Think On The Cross

You've got to love Spurgeon!

"But herein is a wonderful thing. The Lord Jesus has lost no influence by having been hanged on the tree. Rather, it is because of His shameful death that He is able to draw all men unto Himself.

His glory rises from His humiliation; His adorable conquest from His ignominious death. When He "became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross" (Phil 2:8) shame cast no shame upon His cause but gilded it with glory. Christ's death of weakness threw no weakness into Christianity, but rather it is the the right arm of her power. by the sign of suffering unto death, the Church has conquered and will conquer still. By a love that is strong as death, she has always been victorious and must forever remain so. When she has not been ashamed to put the cross in the forefront, she has never had to be ashamed, for God has been with her, and Jesus has drawn all men to Himself.

The crucified Christ has irresistible attractions. When He stoops into the utmost suffering and scorn, even the brutal must relent. A living Saviour men may love, but a crucified Saviour they must love. If they percieve that He loved them and and gave Himself for them, their hearts are stolen away.

The city of Mansoul is captured before the seige begins, when the Prince Emmanuel uncovers the beauties of His dying love before the eyes of the rebellious ones."

I am one of the rebellious ones who is incredibly thankful for the beauties of my Prince Emmanuel's dying love. Thank You Jesus!

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