Sunday, August 17, 2008


Banner of Truth has released a nifty "little" series of books, and when I say little I mean literally little.

The Pocket Puritan series of books came out a couple of months ago and I have been enjoying Living Faith by Samuel Ward, there are four total in the series so far.

Impure Lust by John Flavel, Anger Management by Richard Baxter, Heaven a World of Love by Johnathan Edwards.

These would be a great way to get acquainted with the Puritans and not feel so overwhelmed or intimidated.

Here's a sample of the treasure that awaits you from Samuel Ward,

"Faith finds it's lustre in action, and not just in notion. It enters our hearts and not just our heads. This is the difference between one who reads about pleasant rivers and high mountains and one who travels to visit them. What a difference there is between understanding the notion of sweetness, and actually tasting honey or sugar."

Check these little classics out, they're ready to go with you everywhere!

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