Friday, May 16, 2008


Men see not the bright lights which is in the clouds (Job 37:21)

I love clouds, I always have. Ever since I was a kid, all of the different shapes and textures.

As I was looking up in the sky this evening I was struck by the beauty of the clouds as they passed before the moon, absolutely beautiful!

It reminded me of yesterdays devotion in my copy of Streams in The Desert, of all things it was about...clouds!

"Much of the world's beauty is due to clouds. The unchanging blue of a beautiful sunlit sky still does not compare to the glory of changing clouds. And earth would become a wilderness if not for their ministry to us."

Clouds, even in the midst of the blue skies or pleasant times of life wouldn't seem so pleasant if we didn't have the clouds to enhance the beauty. I like the way Streams presents it, " Human life has it's clouds as well. They provide us with shade, refresh us, yet sometimes cover us with the darkness of night.

We can only see the clouds from down here in our lowly position so we can't see the bright lights that enhance all of the beautiful valleys and heights of each cloud. It's the same in our lives, as we see only the cloudiness of our circumstances we miss the beauty that exists within, again I love the way that that Streams puts it, "O dear child of God! If only you could see your sorrows and troubles from above instead of seeing them from earth. If you would look down on them from where you are seated "with the heavenly realms." (Eph. 2:6) you would know the beauty of the rainbow of colors they reflect to the hosts of heaven. You would also see the "bright light" of Christ's face and would finally be content to see those clouds cast their deep shadows over the mountain slopes of your life."

A bit of a lengthy quote but one that is worthy of pondering, may we see all of our sorrow and trouble as beautiful clouds passing through our beautiful blue skies and look for God's glory to be enhanced in our lives.

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